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Illustrated grapes, bright and glowing, over a flat salmon background, a small fly in lower corner is resting on a single disconnected grape with two quotations overlaid: "We, whom mistakes made wise," and, "Of all good things that mortals lack, hope in the soul alone stays back."
A small illustrated bunch of grapes in highlighter orange over flatter orange with contrasting medium grey background
Illustrated mushrooms, bottle of lotion, hand lettered numbers, (777, 19, 29, 4, some repeated) in red and pink with lime accents and framing around the image
A miniature illustration of a bee in profile, drawn in blue and black ink with '44' over the wings at top right, underlined with the words, "I will rest for the moment" in red ink
A miniature drawing of two blue silver candlesticks holding once-burnt orange candles, bisected and overlooked by a sparse, dark blue windowframe
A tight page of illustrated symbols, blobs, words and numbers in blue, black and red ink with blob accents of green. Symbols include small daggers, a simplified sailboat, small frog, rabbit, a figure drawing bow and arrow, wild strawberries, signage and smilie face. Numbers and words include 888, 444, 999, 7, 11, lite, poison, problem, wierd groups, palace, and shivers.
'ODE' in 3D bolded lettering at top left, with accents of clovers midair, over/springing from a cracked egg next to a large curvy blue blob shape, all drawn in marker and colored pencil
A scratchy, darkly rendered colored pencil sketch of a dense bunch of grapes floating in a haze of lime green.
A drawing of a small patch's worth of oxalis/clover plants, their shadows, a spray of thin, orange scratches over the spaces between, with dark brown text hand-drawn over the surface of the drawing, in marker and colored pencil
A horizontal image of several dozen shrubs and trees, drawn in kelly and dark green marker over an orange background
Drawings of five dark green limes, dropping midair with lime text overlay reading, '5 Safety Match'; Smaller dark green text reads '444' in top right corner and 'Night' with arrows directing out from the letters
small drawings of clovers surrounding small text reading 'Harbingers of Spring' with arrows gesturing to a few of the plants, all over an off-white background
Green sketches of clovers, with salmon pink text overlaid stating, "You are New at night, in the Free & Unguarded Moment ** ( So, here we will stay - ) " all over an off-white background
The white back of a starburst-shaped sign with black posts, layered over and under red reeds of dried grass, all drawn in marker over an ivory papered background
Bright red tomatoes, one large, five medium, and three oblong but small, rendered in lines of marker, all over a bright goldenrod 'mustard' yellow
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